A natural story-teller, Matt Boylan-Smith left his home town of Bathurst a few years ago to write, travel the world and tell people his tales.

“Boylan-Smith sings every song as though it is his last - full of feeling and with full commitment” -Von Haus Clock, Brake, Germany. 

With multiple tours of Europe and a foray into South America, Matt Boylan-Smith has been gathering his experiences to move into a new direction with his songwriting.

“Matt Boylan-Smith is a very talented Musician” - Ben Fordham (2GB Radio, Sydney Live) 


Matt Boylan-Smith has provided the pre-match entertainment for the National Rugby League and gained national radio play on Triple J with his single We Can Be Together. His film clip for his unreleased track ‘Johnny‘ was recently recognized as the winner of the Madrid International film festival in the best shorts competition. He performed at the 40th anniversary of the Sydney Opera House and various festivals throughout Australia.

Matt Boylan-Smith has also collaborated with Alora and Senii (Finland), providing lyrics and vocals. They have generated three songs and their track “Down by the Ocean” reaching the viral top 30 in both Germany and Finland on Spotify and has over three million streams.

He has recently worked with engineer and producer Lon LeMaster (Toto 4, Don Henley) and Beau Hill (Alice Cooper, Winger, Kix, Ratt) on his originals and is currently working with producer Dan Frizza to work on an EP with the working title, Dreams to Smithereens.


"Boylan-Smith sings every song as though it is his last - full of feeling and with full commitment"

- Von Haus Clock, Brake, Germany